Again, the lower storage option isn’t a problem as long as you know how to manage it (via Google Drive) beforehand.

The HP Chromebook 14 is virtually the perfect kid for the big family of Chromebooks. Its low starting price and its strong interpretation of Chrome OS are only beginning to illustrate the attraction that one can have for this machine. The Acer Chromebook R11 is inspired by the MacBook Air and is elegant without going too far. And, the Acer R11 Chromebook is affordable, unlike its Apple inspiration. The C434 can “switch” 360 degrees in tablet or tent mode. Interestingly, the laptop’s two sturdy chrome hinges lock 180 degrees. Since it is a convertible, it has four modes:. Tent. And, the Acer R11 Chromebook is affordable, unlike its Apple inspiration. As one of the first Chromebooks to support Android apps through the Google Play Store, the Chromebook R11 has pioneered a whole host of additional features for Chrome OS. They have suitable features and functions that your kids and children can use. How do I protect my Chromebook and increase level of durability?

It has everything a kid needs for classroom assignments and a bit of fun in between. It has a long battery life, which is also a plus. Tent. Notebook. The specifications may not suit young children, and only older teens might be able to tap the device’s full potential. The price of the Chromebook is a bit on the expensive side.

Do not worry if you’re going to damage it, because this device is the strongest Chromebook on our list. HP 14-ak060nr 14-Inch Laptop. For kids who love games, the touchscreen will give them a great chance to play and enjoy games. Convertible: Some common terms such as 2-in-1 or flip to tablet are what we can see for a versatile type. Some buyers felt that the build quality of the laptop could have been better. How To Choose A Chromebook For Children?

If your child is a player, this is the one for you. Although the extra space is excellent, it is not necessarily necessary. Samsung Chromebook Pro is appreciated about power and the versatility of a tablet, the 360 ° rotating screen and the Intel Core m3 processor help you get things done. Write and create more precisely with the built-in stylus. The laptop has a compact size and easily fits into most children’s backpacks. A few users felt that the quality and durability of the keyboard could have been better.

Plus, it is a hair over two pounds, making carrying this laptop around a breeze. Not to mention, the HD anti-glare display provides comfortable viewing whether in the classroom, at home or outdoors. 360-degree hinge. 2.65 lbs. Do kids need a good camera in a Chromebook? The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is a great all-rounder. This lightweight Chromebook is perfect for taking notes in class. It also comes with a responsive keyboard and trackpad for accurate typing.

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