we’re going to learn phrases to link your language and ideas and it will definitely score you extra marks in the IELTS speaking test my name is David a qualified UK teacher and course creator of IELTS speaking seven plus in this video you’re going to learn five super phrases to link language and you’ll see them demonstrated in example answers for more resources and to sign up to the full IELTS speaking course check the link in the video description below the first link in phrase I want to look at is another reason this issued when you want to add information to your speaking or give more ideas this is a phrase that you should be using in the IELTS speaking test so please write it down remember it and practice using it do you feel like exercise is an important activity it should play an important role in most people’s lives as staying healthy is so important another reason is to challenge yourself and destress destress is a really good phrase that you could also use and it means to wind down and relax the Lincoln language here such as is used when you want to give examples of something in your speaking is it important for young people to have good role models without positive role models young people find it hard to inspire themselves and others celebrities such as David Beckham and Emma Watson are really great examples of role models young people can look up to to practice write sentences using the link in language in the comment section below the next link in language phrase that I want to show you is on the other hand on the other hand is used when you want to show a difference in opinion or ideas for example you might be talking about the two opposite sides of an argument and on the other hand is a great way to link these ideas do you think people should share their photos online that’s quite a difficult question to give a definite answer for people should feel free to share and upload photos to the Internet on the other hand they need to be careful that what they share is sending a positive message to others replay my example answer and listen carefully to the stress when I speak to get extra marks in the IELTS speaking test make sure you are talking with expression next up it seems crystal clear to me as well as being less common than the other link in language examples I’ve shown you this is also an idiomatic phrase so using it properly is guaranteed to score you extra marks in the IELTS speaking test we can use it seems crystal-clear when something seems obvious to us let’s see the example do people eat a lot of junk food in your country I’m for the last decade it’s become more and more popular in my home country at the same time health and obesity has also increased it seems crystal clear to me that junk food shouldn’t be eaten too often as it will impact upon your health in this example answer there’s actually two linking phrases can you see which the other one is at the same time can be used to give more information about a topic in the current state it is in in this example we’re given more information about junk foods and the causes and effects that it has my last linking phrase for you is hugely colloquial which means that native speakers use it a lot it’s also very uncommonly used in the IELTS speaking test which is a good reason to use it stand out and get extra marks back in the day is actually an American colloquial phrase which is used to talk about your past has the internet changed how we live and connect socially I’m 33 years old for that reason and probably the last of a generation to remember a childhood without the Internet it’s changed so many things back in the day if I wanted to see my friend I’d go and knock on the door it was so much simpler do write in the comment section below and show me how you can use these linking phrases subscribe to this channel and do check out the IELTS speaking 7 plus course see you soon

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