okay so in this video I’m gonna show you how to create a Google site for your web-based essay so this video is for students studying English literature models modules en 6002 and en 5002 so the first thing we need to do is we need to log in to a bath spa gmail accounts okay so I’m gonna log in from the hub just use the Gmail link here in the footer and then I want to log in with my bath spa ID okay so obviously that takes me to my inbox and I need to then navigate to the Google Sites section which I can find up here in the menu at the top if I just click on sites and you’ll see now we’re on this page shows us any sites that we’ve previously created so obviously I’ve been involved in a lot of Google Sites so I have a lot listed here but you’ll probably if you’ve never created one before you’ll see that there’s there’s nothing listed here so don’t worry about that but what we do want to do is we want to create a new site so we’re gonna choose the create button which is this red button over here on the left and just click on that once and that takes us to through to this page where we can choose our site template which and name our site so we’ll start off let’s start off with the template so we don’t want to use a blank template which is the the one that’s currently highlighted we’re gonna browse the gallery which is this next icon here so let’s just click that and the good thing is we’ve set you up a template that you can use for your Google Sites so I’d recommend using that and to find it you need to go down to where it says language here and change it from English us to English UK from the list and then you should see a selection of options of templates that you can choose from and the top one for the en 6002 module and then the fourth one down is for the en 5002 module so you can choose the one that’s appropriate for you I’m just going to choose this one for the purposes of this demo and and then click select so we’ve now selected our site template and y’all have selected whichever one is appropriate for you next thing we need to do is give us like a name and we’d like you to do that in this particular way please we want first of all the sites to be named with the module code and then – your full name that’s me and – the year okay and this just means we can easily find your web-based essay we know from which year which module and whose essay is whose so that’s what we need to do in this page make sure you format your site the name of your site in the same way as that and then choose create click the red create button at the top so we’re just gonna wait now for our Google to create a site okay once it’s run that process you can see we’ve now got our site this will be the home page if you like which consists of a header image if you’ve chosen the en 6002 module yours will be blue and it will obviously say en 6000 – instead of 5000 – and you’ll have slightly different item in the navigation or the the menu don’t worry about that for the purposes of this movie so just to explain what else we’ve got so each item here is a page on your site and we’re currently on the introduction page or the home page we can obviously click through to the other pages which are blank at the moment and you’ll either have a bibliography or glossary as well which is also a page in its own right which you’ll need to add content to so I’ll just go back to introduction page beneath the menu and the header image we’ve got our main content area so this is obviously where your essay will go at the moment it’s just filled with a placeholder text so dummy text and below that our section for comments which allows your tutor to provide feedback on the content above in the right hand side in the sidebar we’ve also got a few items we’ve got another list of pages and an empty list of recent site activity so that would show when the site has been updated and when any activity that’s happened on your site so don’t worry too much about that I will look at that in a bit more detail we’ll look at both of these all setting up all of these things in a bit more detail as we go on the next thing we really need to do is we need to set up the sharing and permissions for your web-based essay so this is essential if you don’t set this up correctly then your tutors won’t be able to find your web-based essay and therefore they won’t be able to market okay so to do that we navigate up here to the more menu so this is this little drop down menu that says moron and we’ll just choose that which gives us a whole list of actions that we can we can use for our Google Sites this is kind of the main menu really for Google Sites screen and editing Google Sites and we’re gonna come down to where it says sharing and permissions third from the bottom and just choose that and we’re managing our site now and we’re managing the sharing and permissions so the first thing we can see is this is the URL or the web address for our site if you wanted to find it on the web and beneath that the bit we really need to be concerned with at this point and that is who has access and who has permission and what who has permissions to edit or own this site at the moment you’ll see that anyone at Bath Spa has access to your site that means they can find and edit it and below that you’ll see that if you are the owner so what we want to do first of all is we want to change this top option and we want to set your the visibility of your site to be in private that means well as it says only people explicitly granted permission can access your site so this is your private s say we don’t want anyone on the web or anyone at Bart’s bar to just have access to your site so we’re gonna save after we’ve chosen private and the next thing we need to do because now it’s private we need to make sure your tutors are also given a given permission to access your site so what we’ll do is down here where we where it says invite people were just gonna click into that box and we’re gonna add your tutors email addresses so starting with Chris I which we’re just gonna add him and you see as you start typing his name you should be able to just it should appear below and you can just add him Ian GAD I think you only need to add him for the en 6002 module but I’m sure you won’t mind if you accidentally invite him to the en 5,000 – and I would think we should add my email address so I can help you with technical support so I’m Gavin Wilson so that’s G dot Wilson wi l sh en and also my colleague Gemma so G dot Matthews with two T’s so if you add us then we’ll also be able to find your sites find your site and help you if necessary okay so one thing we need to change before we click Share and save we’re gonna make all the people listed here owners so that just ensures that not only yourself but Chris Ian and myself and Gemma or have full access to your site so we can help you where necessary okay and you can choose well I would leave this ticked notify people via email but for me because I’m just doing this as a demonstration I’m gonna uncheck it so if you leave that checked and kind of ignore the fact I’ve unchecked it and I’m gonna click Share and save and it’s just giving me a warning that I haven’t emailed those people but you won’t get that okay so Google thinks about it for a moment and then you’ll see the permissions have all been updated your site is private and you’ll see the people who’ve been added your cheaters and ourselves have been added as owners to your site which is what you need to do once you’ve done that and we’re finished here so we can just click on the name of your site up here just where I’m showing you on the screen right now and that will take us back to our home page okay so that’s the the basic set up done we’ve created our site we’ve chosen a template and we’ve chained up change the permissions so to get back out to our starting point back to the kind of Google Sites list we just hover over the name of the page we’re on up here and this little arrow pops up where we can just click it’s kind of a back arrow and that’ll take us back to our Google Sites list and we should see now we’ve got well I’ve again I’ve got lots of sites this table you’ll see now you’ve got one site listed that’s the soap just created and of course from here we could go on back to Gmail or we could close the window because we’re done okay that’s this video and and you should see more videos to follow okay

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